Monday, October 7, 2019


One can bet on the sad fact that Trump never reads anything regarding situations he has to deal with internationally. He doesn't know if Irbil stands for a capital or for hair-gel. Edward Said, or for that matter any book which might help him in understanding, are unknowns in this White House. Besides, his last press conference with the president of Finland also laid bare his lack of tact and manners in a world where those added values still count. For all to see, the Finish recoiled from the touch of his American "counterpart".

Now he has taken everybody by surprise by throwing the Kurds under the bus. The former fought America's wars by proxy, in Iraq and against ISIS. Now that Trump lives under the illusion that ISIS is defeated and that Iraq is another avatar of history, he decamps, giving Turkey, Syria, Iran and Russia a free-hand. His threats against Turkey amount to another hollow bullhorn menace, which even Melania doesn't take seriously.

Some Republicans suddenly are seeing the writing on the wall.  The military/diplomatic establishment in Washington, already shaken by the avalanche of gaffes and lies, woke up finally to the new world order, wherein America got the "self-portrait film" it deserves:  Joker. This millennium death wish, inhabited by a "cackle", reminds all of this president's daily vulgar shouts on the south lawn.

The Kurd death sentence is a form of genocide by absentia. Normally such a drastic policy reversal should result through consultations with Congress, allies and warnings to foes. Reference was made to a prior phone conversation (again) with the Turkish president, one of Trump's favorite playmates (with Duterte, Kim, Putin, Bolsonaro & Co). Everybody knows by now that the telephone is to Trump what a match is to an arsonist.

How much has America to swallow before it finally chokes ? It might be of their own doing, but this minority president (by popular vote) has to finally be stopped and disposed of, one way or another. The Democrats continue their absurdist game of  Agatha Christie's 10 Little Niggers. At least with her there were none at the end.  Here they overstay and underwhelm. The president runs the show, not because he is good at it but because democracy in America is becoming a thing of the past. 35% of American voters can make the electoral college tumble and give the Joker again four more years.

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