Wednesday, January 8, 2020


Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani had no friends in Europe. His demise is regretted by none. However Trump's impulsive decision to have the leader of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards eliminated raises questions regarding the circumstances of, yet again, another freaky US decision. Europeans tend to be very critical of Tehran's murky actions in the Middle East but their disregard for the American president is becoming equally merciless.

It is less the action that is on trial than the subtitles. This administration (the same goes for the former George W. Bush one) is absolutely non-cognizant of context, culture, history. Somewhere it cannot hide its contempt of "otherness."  The policies look brutal, indifferent to validation and might end up alienating the American military establishment self.

Trump's lack of interest starts at home. He might watch Fox News but will not read a book or briefing papers regarding the various alternatives in front of him. He rarely considers some minimal effort on condition his exhibitionist ego is at stake.

The unraveling of the nuclear deal is more the result of this president's inferiority complex than of a well-thought change of strategy. He wants to get rid of the Obama legacy at any price. It is not a matter of conceptual cherry picking, it is only  Freudian, childish spite. 

The remaining partners of the nuclear deal should try to salvage the "remains" and try to convince Iran to improve on it. Obviously, Iran's bad behavior in the region must be stopped. Tehran is a sophisticated place. The latest moves of the Iranians show a high degree of preparedness behind the bluster.  Europeans and the other parties to the nuclear deal should follow the more classical path to monitor, contain and improve Iranian actions.

America risks to be put in de facto quarantine by its own allies. Trump's blunders will continue anyway. He will probably get four more years, since both his base and the Republicans have become monolithic in outlook and behavior. This liar-in-chief has become the hero of both the Christians and the white supremacists. Their marriage in hell got the White House's blessing and support. 

The US were totally wrong in their understanding of Mosaddegh, they were rude in the management of the Shah's exile, helpless in the hostage crisis and now clueless again. 

Trump's address to the nation today, in full Third Reich-mode, was the usual sum of bombast and lies, with no evidence provided. His swipe at NATO and Obama--"fueling cash to the Ayatollahs"--gave further proof that this man is unworthy of trust. Trash talk doesn't match policy. There is a need for "regime change" in Washington too.

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