Sunday, November 8, 2020


Joe Biden is president-elect.

This does not mean that the movers will soon clear the White House from the Trump's gaudy makeover. The president will not clear the premises Napoleon-like. This regime change will be painful for Biden to endure and for others to watch.

The panic in the outgoing administration is real. Many will be indicted or face lawsuits that will certainly uncover the unpleasant truth of the Trump machine. Since past immunities will no longer apply, the future looks ominous. Hence a smooth transition is impossible, also given the boobytraps that will be laid in its path and the lawsuits that will follow.

Biden has been in self-control. The joy in the Democratic camp is only matched by the rage which runs deep in Trump's base. Contrary to what the pollsters expected, the result however is not an overall win for the Democrats. They lost seats in the House and a Senate majority is far from certain. The party has to come to terms with the ideological and generational tensions in its midst. The decibels coming out of the AOC camp put a lot of moderate voters off. 

Names are already circulating regarding the 'who's who' in the future Biden administration. Unfortunately, the individuals under consideration represent mostly the known core of the Democratic party: older, messy, and repetitive. It is surprising to see yet again how the gerontocracy still widely controls American politics. Some hoped for a 'Macron effect' but Biden feels too much at home in the party of old to resort to a radical renewal.  He should also put some bite in his post- election addresses, after all he doesn't lack teeth.

Fortunately he is committed to the standard parameters of American proven policies abroad and at home. The Obama heritage can be revisited and inproved upon. Yet again this departure from the chaos of the calamitous Trump years would be better served if an effort were made in the direction of the brillant younger talent which can be found in universities, business, think tanks and culture.

It is hard to believe that the former and new presidents will be able to stand together on the steps of the Capitol in January. Trump has zero inclination for history and tradition.  Besides, he dislikes to be humiliated, as he is now, almost prisoner in the mansion, Louis XVI-like. One knows how this ended!

Trump will  be missed by some, and cursed by others. He was never a happy personality. Now he might become an even more vengful one. 

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