Sunday, November 8, 2020


Kamala Harris is "Wonderwoman" on Biden's ticket. This highly qualified personality, in state and national affairs, was able to play her cards both as a woman...and immigrant of Indian descent. She is the ideal representative of the West Coast liberal elites. She also doesn't provoke the hostile tidewaves which submerge the ambitions of AOC or Elisabeth Warren.

The choice made by the president-elect is even more important, given his age. Unlike some other former vice-presidents, she will not need a map to find her path in Washington or in the world. She is a true post-feminism individual who claims her place without having to add an exclamation point.

The contrast with the women in the Trump orbit and administration couldn't be starker.  Only some leftover of former charity stops further elaboration, which would be painful.

The wait for other results is long. The sitting president will not follow King Lear to the exit.  He must ruminate some Al Pacino tantrum which might keep his base entertained, and truth and trust further weakened. America is not out of the woods yet!

Kamala Harris brings a sunny mindset into these most frustrating days. Let us not be mistaken by the smiles, this lady in attack mode is a formidable oponent.  Lindsay Graham, the GOP's favorite Judas, knows better.

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