Friday, April 2, 2021


Everything has been said about COVID, ad nauseam .

All the multi-lateral organizations, forums and ad hoc partnerships in various social, economic and other related issues should have pooled their knowhow, but it is too late for that.

The situation is dire. It looks as if the panic button might have to be pushed if there is still a glimmer of hope that a formula could be found to delay a further descent into hell.

The available numbers of Covid cases are in many cases totally unreliable. The cheating is spread all over like a gigantic shroud. Besides, this situation requires more of a qualitative therapy than a quantitative stroke of the pen.

The UN (WHO) look poweless. The EU acts like a scoundrel. Individual leaders look even worse than usual, framed in unflattering Skype or Zoom windows. There is not a single one worth listening to. The vaccination needs have become a war, setting multinational against multinational, country agains country, science against politicians.  All countries suffer from Covid fatigue which creates perverse consquences like the ones we have seen i.a. in the USA, France or Belgium. One doesn't mention China or Russia of course, where the sun always shines. 

The smallish mindset of too many might cause a disastrous breaking point, insofar as all that which was stored in the fake news/conspiracy-theory column might have its day(s). Europe got Trump's and Brexit's death wish and sees, for now, how its most daring ambitions might be for other, happier (?) future generations to unearth from under the Covid debris.  Actually this modest ray of hope could be overstated since climate change might intervene before.

We arrive in a season unknown. The socio-economic debacle ahead should breed fear into the calculus of leaders everywhere. Unfortunately, they appear too small minded to be able to approach the magnitude of the incoming hurricane.

The sick will continue to be parked in lots (Covid, cancer, others). The generations will be stuck in mutual loathing. The world is being divided in the near and far abroad, only sharing resentment. Uncertainty is the norm. Too many are to blame.

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