Wednesday, April 21, 2021


The jury in Minneapolis ruled that the death of George Floyd was murder. The agony and heartless pain inflicted in plain view became part of history, an apex of humiliation in the repeated injustice inflicted upon some, in America and worldwide. Floyd stood for all black Americans but he looms even larger, carrying the pain of all persons who are bludgeoned because of race, creed, gender or sexual indentity.

This death en direct by the hands of one single police officer will not end the violence. The fire is not extinguished. It continues to be stoked by ignorance, hate, prejudice and social misery, for all to see. Derek Chauvin is one of the many self- programmed individuals who look unable to control their self-loathing.

What is certain is that George Floyd has shattered an American mindset still alive in a minority which strives in  a permanent state of loser's frustration

The shroud of  impunity can no longer cover a scandal . "Black Lives Matter" is once and forever written in marble. Too bad it needed the horror of the slow, methodical execution of one man, being killed "in public" on an unfriendly slab of asphalt. His death is another tombstone for the inumerable injustices which befall too many everywhere, who refuse once and for ever to be forgotten.

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