Saturday, November 26, 2022


So Trump, always the master of good taste, hosted a dinner for Mr. West and Nick Fuentes, the fine fleur of anti-Semitism and other known transgressions. Mar-a-Lago looks like some prop out of Scarface. It is becoming more sinister since its owner appears more paranoid than ever.

That a former president openly touts his suspicious guest list is ominous. That the losers who still cling to his madness don't notice, is frankly hard to swallow. Surrounded as we are by tragedy all over, this fool continues to entertain his hubris with everybody who still bows for a free meal in some whorish setting.

I wonder if Netanjahu will still continue to play the fool for this mad ruler? Well, the world looks like it has largely been overtaken by the crazies, the cynical and the greedy. 

The only light left comes from the place where it is struggling to survive: Ukraine. 

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