Friday, February 3, 2023


The USA added a half million jobs yet again. The EU feels like a tired room, packed with patients who are not on speaking terms. The UK is so desperate that a majority would revise the BREXIT mistake and rejoin this sad continental club.

There is nothing that might recalibrate the European Sehnsucht in the short-term. The social and economic terms of the equation are negative. Ukraine will get worse and, paradoxically so, Putin's allies look like having more will power than Ukraine's timid flock. Only the US shows resolve but yet again they have to monitor two villains: Russia and China.

The unholy EU meetings could well be the gatherings of a provincial Rotary Club. The grand d├ęplacement of the EU to Kiev can travel light since it doesn't carry  anything of definitive weight in its luggage. The change of scenery might help though, since to repetitive meetings in Brussels end up like the host country: in shambles.

Both the EU and NATO have their own enemy within, Hungary in the former, Turkey in the latter. Geopolitical reasons oblige both organizations to cope with dysfunction but this permanent sabotage from within cannot last forever. School rooms should be gun-free, a democratic congress of like-minded nations should not be exposed to some fifth column within its ranks. The choice will have to be made and the short pain might be preferable to the rot.

European countries start to act and look old. The air is filled by bad memories which no longer let the future breathe. The corridors of power feel stale. It is ironic that the EU institutions are located in Belgium which may be on the verge of making every bad choice that can be considered under the sun. Nothing lasts forever and Europeans might very well reconsider their zip code, and move on to a more reliable place. It is flattering to have been chosen to host Europe. One must also merit the trust rather than taking it for granted.

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