Sunday, February 26, 2023


President Zelensky is being compared to the greatest and the President Kennedy himself, albeit the moral compass of both leaders is not really a match.

He is considered an existential persona, different from the many leaders who, for the most part, carry the pieces of their broken ambitions. Paradoxically, the Ukrainian amidst the mayhem looks more alive than his Western counterparts, who often seem haggard and lost in a brew of guilt and scrimpy computation.

Putin is civilization's nemesis but he is not without "friends" or skills. Russia, China & Co. can count on the laissez faire of a swatch of countries that feel snubbed or ignored by the G7.  Russia appears yet again, as during its repetitive history, impervious to spontaneous rebirth.

How long can the West maintain its policy of handing the Ukrainians enough to resist but not enough to win? Should the West remain de facto a passive onlooker while Putin is colonizing Crimea under the pretext that it was Russian in the past?

Ukraine needs the weaponry that allows it to hold the Russians in pinchers and to attack them in the back. Restraint can only be considered when the rules of war and engagement are respected. Ukraine is being slaughtered by a power which is not beholden to any form of behavior and makes war crimes a plat du jour.

President Zelensky and his family are setting standards that few can emulate. He should not be pushed to the limits and must be saved from any form of an imposed,  unholy arrangement.  One should never forget the successive betrayals by Western Europe before World War II.

One can be assured that Ukrainians  too " beware of Greeks bearing gifts".

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