Thursday, May 25, 2023


Trump came with a bang. Desantis arrived with a glitch.

Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, announced he is running for the presidency. He tried to do this with a grand gesture, under the watchful eye of Elon Musk. His chosen Twitter venue imploded...

He and Trump are made of the same cloth. He appears sometimes better informed but what difference does it make if he is just as conservative and malign as his rival? At the end of the day they are both parochial, bigoted and world phobic. The other Republican candidates are mere parsley in this Juggernaut of monsters.

It might be interesting to see how both will try to annihilate one another. DeSantis has the better wife+kids photo-op but Trump has the better troops. They will only agree on one issue, to hasten President Biden's demise.

Biden will take full advantage of the playtime which will befall him, while the Republicans will feast on mutual destruction. The President will nevertheless have his hands full battling issues home and abroad and fighting the age factor and the specter of a Kamala Harris succession, which for some reason would be a mixed blessing to many Democrats who do not warm up to her personality.

The GOP might be reluctant to make Biden's tenure even more shaky, while they have to deal with a royal feud in their own ranks. It sounds like the War of the Roses but there are only thorns there, no flowers.

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