Friday, May 12, 2023


The Loch Ness mysterious habitant stirs the emotions every time it ''appears". The same occurs when Trump invades the media. He is a born entertainer, a Jerry Lewis turned evil, at ease in his doomed psyche of lies and insult. His madness normalizes Putin almost...Il faut le faire .

His stamina is undisputed. Having to confront this stone age monster must be worrisome for the current president who prioritizes truth over lie, gravitas over bluster. Compared to Trump's virtuosity in verbal menagerie, Biden appears tame.

Europeans underestimate the damage inflicted by Trump on the United States and the world, where his bluff and insecurities have become the tools for trapping America in the ridicule of vanity. His North Korean pas de deux, his love-fest with MBS or his disdain for most things European (with the exception of  royalty and Putin) speak louder than words.

He might return though, and the clique of uninformed and dubious characters might become yet again the core of his court. Every Don also has strong family ties, so does Trump. He might double down, giving his offspring slots or visibility wherein they might even be more lethal than in their previous attire.

The waiting game has started. The danger is that bad actors in the world will prefer to wait and see if the fool might reach the finish line, rather than deal with an internationalist, informed President Biden. The monster would be a godsend for the evil doers who would pile up the flatteries, while others, mostly Europeans would run for cover. 

Americans are divided in almost equal halves. A few wise individuals suffice to tilt the balance towards the better. Trump might also fall victim to his histrionic Nero-like temperament which is not exactly tuned to the psyche of a large segment of the believers who are part of his blinded flock. Finally Biden's dignity might be more persuasive than an embarrassing, further infuriating tiresome performance.

The Loch Ness monster had better stay out of sight....

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