Thursday, April 16, 2015


Senator Marco Rubio has entered the US presidential like in "Dancing with the Stars". Suddenly everybody looks old by comparison.  His presentation was smooth and the stress which showed here and there made him look genuine.  It is far too early to judge him on his program. His ideas will benefit from some Jenny Craig slimdown, because the unrealistic and over-conservative raw angle might be hard to swallow.  Still, his "Disney looks" made observers notice the "age factor".

Mrs. Clinton or Jeb Bush almost appear like "have beens", while other equally younger candidates are too shrill or just insufferable.  Senator Rubio will have to answer to scrutiny and unforgiving questions. Once the early charm is pierced, the reality-check will sit in.

President Obama leaves his successor with a poisoned chalice and a country in need of therapy. His better intentions suffered from being followed up by sycophants who were not up to the task. Besides he is not that convincing in persuasion.  Rubio is not even a cypher; for now he is only "Mr. Nice", with the photo album family and the Cuban background (which might be a plus as well as being a minus under the current circumstances).  He shares the Cuba factor with Senator Ted Cruz, who looks to be too much on the right for his own good.

Most candidates risk getting lost in the international "swamp".  The ominous turn of events in Europe or the Middle East might push the voters into considering larger issues than the ones close to home. This would benefit both the Clinton and Bush candidacies. They fit better in an international congress than in a diner.  Let us not forget that, early on, President Clinton was not exactly the sophisticated, manipulative president we came to know.  So much for that! There is such a thing as a learning curve after all...

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