Saturday, April 4, 2015


Nowadays there exists a euphemism for everything (Islam being the exception.)  So, we had to put the cat "to sleep".  This is the third time a companion (I hate the term "domestic animal") has left us.  The last moments were peaceful and the veterinarian came home to "notarize" what was final.  (Ever noticed that vets are often more "feeling" than doctors?)

There is no need to dwell on the emotions.  We were totally mesmerized by the cat's dealings with her "end".  She approached the finish line with dignity as if she had decided to silence one by one the various links which attached her to being alive.  She appeared to have become an "abstraction" and tiptoed to her final destination without a hint of hesitation. After having been an enlightenment she chose to become a sunset.

In today's world of Macbeth's "full of sound and fury", this passing away may appear to be trivial.  It is not. It holds a mirror for us to see how life can still unfold to its end rather than to look into the eyes of "the green-eyed monster" we are faced with every moment.

"Parting is such sweet sorrow "...or at least it should be.

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