Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Today the president became the undertaker-in-chief of the environment. He also legitimated the coal industry and its collateral damage.  His lament for the American coal miner was a campaign Leitmotiv and now he has returned to his promise in symphonic glory. After having failed to deprive them of Obamacare, he has now reopened the doors to unsafe, unhealthy jobs, not after having gotten rid of all the canaries in the deregulated mine.

So America has reset the clock to the good old desperate Dickens and Zola times, turning its back to the better jobs in clean and renewable energy and pushing workers away from an American dream wherein mobility and reinvention of self prevailed. This colonial deconstruct decided by a group of older men (an urologist's dream team ) who mistake "dancing with the stars" for reality is worthy of an apocalyptic novel. 

We know that we are living under the Russian black cloud. There was no need to further endanger health in a country such as this one is becoming, a playground for the insane, killing us for their sport!  When will we see Trump investing in an Appalachian golf club or a West Virginia Trump hotel?

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