Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Last Tuesday we saw and hear Trump Lite. Many pundits fell in the trap and started to question the parameters of the president's range. His new found measured tone suddenly changed the trajectory, as if a "Trump nouveau" appeared on the wine list.

The media which received praise for their inquisitive scrutiny suddenly fell under the spell of this performer who is able to switch "repertoire" without having to confess, explain or repent. His cosmetic U turns will multiply without any form or need for accountability. The "enemy of the people" press will remain diligent but is not adverse to seduction. It is hard to see anything alluring in a man who stands basically for a tabula rasa. Kellyanne Conway's sofa antics in the Oval office set the standard for the present times.

In reality nothing changed. This administration wages a battle with the soft power as represented by climate change, health, equality, Arts, environment, education and global governance. The hard power, military spending, a sense of supremacy, America first (since when was it not ?) receive front row seats. Large ideas about the fight against ISIS, replacing the affordable care act, trade, nuclear deterrent, continue to be floated without an anchor in view. The new immigration measures might  spare Iraq and be more subtle than the former but will still be indicative of an inward looking priority.

The Bannon, Sessions, Miller brand remains solid and Trump's moderation remains as suspicious as it was in past occurrences, when he chose to stick to the TelePrompter. This sheepskin cannot hide the wolf underneath, who might be the more dangerous since he lacks any sense of political scent, other than what he is fed or what he gathers from his rallies. There is nothing indeed between the sycophants and the more nefarious, intelligent "strategist" hostage taker in the White House. Trump is basically a lonely man. One can understand that he likes Citizen Kane. He should read Robert Louis Stevenson instead.

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