Friday, March 17, 2017


Mrs. Merkel, the REAL, ONLY EU leader, has met President Trump.  Their body language matched their words, they are worlds and cultures apart.  The tone and the vocabulary of of the president were as usual, on the Neanderthal side. The German chancellor could hardly hide her contempt. By acting so ungraciously, Trump handed Mrs. Merkel her re-election and might have given Martine Le Pen the kiss of death. His presidential (bad) clothes do not hide an emperor, they dress a liar.

Post-Brexit Europe stands on its own.  It should comply to its NATO obligations and otherwise should pursue its trade and more civilized policies following its agreed guidelines. True, even in the EU Trump has some attraction, mostly in Poland and Hungary, but this "alt-right" brotherhood might have received a fatal blow in the Dutch elections.

It is sad to see America being taken hostage by a syndicate. The US budget is a declaration of war against a tradition of creativity, compassion, art, sharing and optimism. This minority president already fits into the narrative of other past and current rulers who chose intent over content. In this case the intent is clear, a sabotage of a moral/intellectual space in favor of cramped uninviting alternatives.  I hope that Mrs. Merkel could have enlightened the real estate president about the negative aspects of wall building. She knows. She might also have reminded this cheap president that after 9/11 all NATO members supported America without asking for the price tag.  But then, it was about common values not about goods found in some airport tax-free shop.

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