Friday, May 12, 2017


The circumstances surrounding the firing of the FBI director are dubious. The successive versions have in common that the last always contradicts the previous one(s). The follow-up is even more absurd since the president's henchmen and women are never on the same page and act cluelessly. 

The lies keep piling up. The more Trump speaks out, the more he wounds himself...and others. The Comey dismissal comes right out of a European '30s- playbook. The only truth is that anyone who comes too close to the Russia "connection" receives a death warrant.

Comey was sacked because he knew too much. The FBI inquiry might have climbed the ladder (Page, Stone, Manafort, Flynn) and might have arrived at findings too close for comfort.  As usual, Trump took action in a state of rage rather than reason.  This pathological president returned to his former business histrionics to bluff his way out.

Trump is starting his first foreign trip at a time where his credibility lies in the gutter.  One has to crouch to pick up the pieces.  The White House is in panic mode and the president is mostly left to his own devices, a recipe for disaster. That Trump found time to see the Russian foreign minister and to give him the first-class treatment, reserved for heads of state, speaks for itself.

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