Sunday, May 14, 2017


America is exhausted. Since this loud, intruding, egomaniac president is becoming an unavoidable curse, the country tries to cope but cannot. No day, no hour passes without this "deranged persona" asking for attention, revenge or worship...usually coming from himself anyway.  Trump has a short memory cycle, which exclusively evolves around his piques, resentment or vanity. He is totally indifferent to cause and only looks for effect. He is indifferent to history or precedent and is therefore prone to accumulate diplomatic and other gaffes, without the shadow of remorse or embarrassment.

The dismissed FBI director James Comey might have been an overabundant victim in this White House remake of Agatha Christie's "and then there were none". The accumulation of bad manners, murky circumstance and immature lies is becoming too much of a liability in this case, even for Trump's inner circle, taken hostage by this cynical, ungracious Don. 

The comedians have found in Trump the ultimate laughing stock. This president is to politics what Jeff Koons is to art dealers, a dubious commodity for clueless, rich buyers who are the clients for the latest Philippe Starck bathtub. It is all about "looking as" rather than "being as". Nobody would be surprised to see a Trump image sold as art, like Koons' dog, Cicciolina or Michael Jackson with the monkey.  Exaggeration and aggrandizement are this president's hallmarks. He is too intellectually lazy to question what he perceives as fitting or as his due.

In this end-of-Weimar-feeling descent, America acts and looks like a loser.   It is not by propping up Dr. Kissinger for a White House photo-op that it is going to correct perceptions.  For who wants to follow the Chinese moves worldwide the Trump "deconstructive"  impulse ( Bannon made ?) in contrast  looks ominous. It is not too early to start thinking of impeachment. There are abundant reasons, since the Trump Syndicate mixes profit with greed.  Besides, if the top of this lousy administration wages a war against justice, press and science (to mention a few) he needs to face the music. The justified fear of what might come next (a Mike Pence presidency) should not deter from tackling the current danger first.

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