Thursday, June 1, 2017


After reneging on the TPP  Trump alienated most Asian countries which are in the American orbit. After proposing drastic cuts in the various aid mechanisms in the State Department he offended mostly African countries. In the Middle East he tilted in favor of the Sunnis who are the biggest providers of suicide bombers and terrorists. In NATO and the G 7 he almost offended everybody in the room. Now withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement he has chosen to return to the past and to the coal mine.

Paradoxically, by acting as he does, he brings the Europeans together and makes the EU again a force for the good and innovation. The separation between Europe and the USA is not a divorce yet but mutual exasperation has taken over from the former Atlantic "spirit". This American president and the Camora around him are being seen now as morally corrupt and basically unreliable. Chancellor Merkel has this in common with former P.M. Thatcher, that she too makes up her mind quickly regarding who one can do "business" with or not. Trump disdains too much all things he does not grasp and is too arrogant to learn. His Freudian predilection for strong leaders is linked to his own blatant insecurities. He falls for "entertainment" and is adverse to any form of intellectual  input. If he does not find himself in the middle of ideas (coming from others) or attention, he becomes morose and hostile. In Hamburg he will finally have an opportunity to have his meeting with Putin but this will not be a repeat of Tilsit. Nowadays the Czar will win !

It is sad having to admit that as undesirable Trump is  for America, he is a god sent wake up call for the EU. Europeans consider the current United States as a failed 4 years waste. The Corleone type aspects of the Trump machine will further expose it to close scrutiny. The Americans might  also become disenchanted with seeing their country in the company of international undesirables and pariahs. The Europeans will keep their distance for now. The pessimistic outlook of Gore Vidal regarding most things American should not be allowed to become a self-fulfilling prophecy .

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