Thursday, June 29, 2017


President Trump attacked MSNBC female anchor Mika Brzezinski in terms beneath the presidential bar, which is already very low in this administration.

This scandale du jour is even embarrassing the GOP. The recurrent vulgarity, mostly when women are concerned, is the only theme in this president's world which never changes. All other issues are in a constant flux depending upon the mood, the lies and mostly on the grotesque narcissism of an individual in permanent need of flattery. This White House is indeed a replica of Marat/Sade's Charenton. Maybe Trump suffers from porphyria like George III. Both share many unpleasant characteristics:  one was certified deranged, the other acts as if he might be so.

I bet that many worry when they imagine the upcoming meeting between Putin and Trump. This will not be a repeat of the Tilsit love-fest between Czar Alexander I and Napoleon. It might look more like a farce wherein Trump plays the part of the cuckold. He will be so self-enamored that he might well end up forgetting or forgoing issues (which he knows nothing about): Ukraine, Baltic States, Crimea, Syria, strategic arms limitation, and, last but not least, implementation of the Helsinki Agreement or the Budapest memorandum.  The Russian hacking might be mentioned en passant since Donald does not want to alienate Vladimir. This cloud will not go away.

This latest tweet du jour will be overhauled by another.  In the Trump camp many are scandalized by the president look-alike Julius Caesar in the Shakespeare Festival in Central Park. They might have a point since Trump is out of place there. He appeals neither to drama or to comedy. His realm is burlesque.


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