Thursday, June 8, 2017


The former FBI director's hearing in the Senate's Intelligence Committee today was morally devastating for Trump but might leave him with a political lifeline, given that the Republicans are lemmings. Trump was accused of being a liar and a manipulator, better at exercising undue and unacceptable pressure than at showing a sophisticated understanding of the workings of the presidency. Every day that passes, he appears to be learning nothing and remaining indifferent to facts. Fired Director Comey could hardly hide his despise for a man who he openly considers not to be up up to the demands of the presidency. 

Trump is unwilling but mostly unable to find personalities who are inclined to board his ship of fools. Hundreds of important positions remain unattended. In this void, this impulsive maniacal president makes decisions without legitimacy, off the cuff almost: NATO, Germany, climate, trade, Qatar (did he know about the US base there?)  He lives by the brainwashing coming out of right-wing cable news outlets. The timing of his tweets follows the Fox News cycle. 

Russia and the Chinese must have a swell time following the downward spiral of this most unhinged character. The Europeans are considering hiding in a common (for once) shelter. The American comedians have plenty of material now, after eight years of Obama gravitas. Unfortunately, certain issues are too serious to be left to individuals who follow the "deconstruct" agenda of a Steve Bannon, without grasping its deeper nefarious meaning. 

America is a broken novel in search of an author. This is paradoxical, given that the talent and creativity are abundant. It is painful having to watch the brutal rise of an anti-scientific wave and to see how the majority value system prefers to self-exile for now. The overall denial of history, of cause and effect, the indifference towards rewarding excellence are frightening. Imagine Governor Perry (the "Dancing with the Stars" one) in energy, Betsy DeVos in education, Tim Price in health, Scott Pruitt in environmental protection ...not to speak about Tillerson at State (which he wants to "neuter")?! This is not a cabinet, it is a firing squad.

James Comey must feel very lonely, but actually he is not all by himself in this post-January 20 dystopia. It is actually getting overcrowded.

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