Friday, March 8, 2019


It has been said here on (too) many occasions that things will get worse in the US. The chaos presidency is becoming even louder and more crass (if possible) and covers now any alternative sound. This mafia administration prefers carpet- bombing over counter-argument. Trump is getting in full pre-electoral mode and, given the Democrats "death wish", he will answer everything and anybody with his brand of napalm.

The majority of Americans could vote intelligently and Trump should not survive a challenge given the breakdown of any form of civility which is putting most off. Unfortunately the war against truth, checks and balances left most Americans incredulous at first and desperate now. This creates a form of shared induced coma, which is paralyzing the patient and gives the perpetrator a free-pass. It is not that Americans have lost their moral, intellectual compass, it is that they are anesthetized, brutalized by a strategy of sound and fury. The Republicans made a pact with the devil and the opposition is too shrill to be believable, for now.

The president will pursue this chaos doctrine both internally and externally. He might pull the Turkish plug out of NATO, giving the treaty the kiss of death, he will multiply trade wars, he will stoke the Venezuelan fire but will (as usual) not assume ownership of consequence. The cages will make a comeback at the southern border, (mostly) black Americans will die for lack of any gun control while poor white Americans are being fed opioids, with the compliments of the mostly Republican pharmaceutical behemoths. In his apocalyptic inaugural address, Trump described a nightmarish America. Instead of improving the situation however, he made it so much worse. The accelerated deterioration in positive expectancy is being shackled. The structural horror of the tax breaks is slowly becoming clear, for all to see; the infrastructure promised is nowhere to be seen ;  health is a dirty word. The president will start a crusade against "socialism"--which he knows nothing about--but will bow for the "good" dictators and "communists" who must chuckle when they oversee the magnitude of the self-damage that America has brought upon itself for the sake of a stupid electoral system which, under the "Southern strategy", is an affront to democracy.

Various pundits argue that the folie d'un will meet its fate or end. One wishes they were right. It all reminds one of the Hindenburg/von Papen deal regarding Hitler. The blind slightness of two pales in comparison with the better cunning of one.

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