Tuesday, April 16, 2019


While the Republicans resemble a remake of Cocoon, a geriatric gathering of tired, angry men (mostly), the Democrats sometimes look like an unruly school trip of undisciplined youngsters.

The GOP has bec0me a Stalinist leftover. Nancy Pelosi, for her part, has her hands full trying to navigate the stormy  impatience of a few and the shared priorities of most. The need to rally around a candidate who will be best suited to confront the Trump machine will certainly come at a price. The more intellectual, purist wing in the Democratic party might have to reign in creativity for the benefit of reality. The (too) many candidates (minus Biden ...as yet) cover all directions and nuances.

Lately, Pete Buttigieg has made a remarkable impact, less because he is openly gay than because he is well-spoken, well- versed and because he connects with the intellectual, moral malaise which has taken hold of large parts of the country. Trump's strategy of taking the news cycle hostage starts to show signs of fatigue. Americans have overdosed on lies and vulgar invectives. Buttigieg brings an air of controlled intelligence in this political unpleasant theatre. It is too early to analyze in more detail his views, which remain for the most part unknown. His demeanor, youth and ease do seduce. The platform is a work in progress. Only Kamala Harris shares with him, for now, an appeal which is equally "embracing". Older Democrats have more elaborated proposals but the country needs more therapy than surgery.

Buttigieg's chances look slim, but he probably can count on a favorable "return of investment" for his political future in the long run. It is dubious that he might be considered for a running mate slot, for fear that he might become a possible distraction.  But count on the Republicans to unleash an arsenal of duplicities and dirt whoever the Democrats nominate. This ugliest of periods in American history since the Civil War will end or be prolonged in another napalm chaos. There are good men and women who can reconnect the country with its better angels. Pete Buttigieg is a breath of fresh ideas ... Vive la difference!  Suddenly Republicans and many Democrats look out of touch!

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