Monday, April 1, 2019


This long winter of discontent in America feels like a nightmare. The bad is turning into worse and the occupants of this shredded lot feel often, rightly so, that there is no end in sight.

The United States has already entered the 2020 presidential elections cycle, like Alice down the rabbit-hole. The field of Democratic candidates looks like the Queen's croquet-ground. Nevertheless, there exist more reasons to rejoice than to lament. Contrasting with the old grey nasty men on the Republican side, the Democrats entered in a refreshing Vivaldi's spring- feeling movement, with candidates who are smart and who might prove to be savvy. Kamala Harris, Beto O'Rourke, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders inter alios, are worth listening to. Pete Buttigieg, the Wonderboy, acts and sounds already like a William Pitt, the younger. The generational/gender arc is absolutely astonishing.  Of course, the Democrats had better beware of their own righteous dysfunctional cacophony if they want to win the battle against the Republican panzers. The current pathological attacks against Vice-President Joe Biden verge on the hysterical.

In the last week Trump overplayed and overreacted, getting too close to erasing the last fibers of decorum left in his mantle. His "base" sticks with him a la folie but the rest of the country might want to return to normal if the brew becomes too toxic. If he were to close the southern border, he might as well commit political suicide. The Democrats would be too dumb if they offered the president the type of "distraction" they must beware of at all cost. Unfortunately, the best deck of cards requires to rest in the hands of the sophisticated player.

So, if they have the strategic guts, the Democrats have the "men and women power" to correct the trajectory of this American drama and go for the reset. This will require that the various pretenders choose reason over barbed indignation, that they close ranks at the end, espouse the rational and do not get lost in acrimonious sentimentality. Werther never ran for office  after all !

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