Friday, April 5, 2019


Jean Genet argued that if one knows the end of a story beforehand, the story stops being an intellectual adventure, becoming a ride on public transport instead. The fate of the Trump administration's accelerating descent into hell is likewise a story pre-ordained. When not stuck in his lies, the president continues on his warpath against America's institutions. He plans now to nominate Herman Cain, pizza magnate, to the board of the Federal Reserve. Yet again an executioner joins others (William Barr, Ben Carson, Rick Perry & Co) in their killing spree of the departments that are under their Kevorkian-like care.

Trump keeps busy attacking the living (Joe Biden) and the dead (John McCain, Barbara Bush).

I wish the Democrats would stop lamenting and invest in premium TV and media time to air reruns of Trump's Access Hollywood sex rant. It is time for the fools and the evangelicals to come to terms with the vulgar toxic reality of their choice. Republicans would not hesitate if they had such material in their hands. What stops Democrats?

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