Saturday, August 1, 2020


One hears often that AIDS and Covid-19 present similar characteristics and consequences. Nothing could be more false.

AIDS was a curse which first targeted a specific group of men who often represented the more creative pool in society. In reality the arts in general were almost decimated in a fortnight. Besides their own drama, the dying had to endure the early indifference of a political class which had little empathy for a group of men who had often kept their distance. In fact, AIDS was a "smart" force to reckon with, because the victims were selectively "chosen". The counter-offensive was a philosophical outcry of absolute indignation...a Guernica redux.

The Covid-19 is a "dumb", sly virus that attacks at random whoever crosses its path. Today the reaction is more political  than metaphysical. The aggression against so many confronts the political class with a question of praxis. Because the messaging from governments is often so inadequate or plainly false (in Trump's or Bolsonaro's case) the impatience for an answer will only grow. This mortal Bingo game will have major consequences for the future. In the short term it only highlights the shortcomings of governments who act like Gogol's puppets in what might become an era of social unrest.

It is important not to deprive victims of their stories. There lies a morality in the rejection of confusion. Each is entitled to remain the owner of his/her drama.  Covid-19 is a scourge in progress. It is too early to settle cause and effect.  It is time, however, to stop making superficial allegations. These only end in reducing the existential message brought by the "Angels in America" then, and further obscure the responsibility of the hapless undertakers in the times of Covid-19 now.

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