Wednesday, August 12, 2020


In choosing Kamala Harris as his running mate, Joe Biden has shown he holds no grudges. She has the class and the resume to help Biden put America back on the map of the "normal".

Other potential candidates were almost equally good but might have been too easy targets for the Republican Sturmtrupper.  The campaign will be ugly anyway. Count on the gang of the old crowd of white, right-wing, Evangelicals to cheat, smear and collude (preferably with Russia again). Wisely, the likes of Elisabeth Warren and Susan Rice were not considered for the VP slot, because they were "catnip" for the likes of Fox/Goebbels news.

Suddenly the Democrats sense an opportunity.  Likewise abroad, the West hopes that the USA might find its polar star again. A Biden/Harris presidency would undo the damage inflicted by Trump on America and the world. In four year this administration has made America almost a pariah state. Even with the best intentions it will take years to recover the rule of law and inclusive pride.

The election remains an uphill battle for the Democrats. Trump is like Godzilla, unsophisticated but deadly. He will resort to "every" means and trick to stay and to divert from a possible loss. Biden is an emotional personality, more fragile both in age and feelings. He had to overcome terrible personal dramas and it shows. One forgets in this stone age that there are still individuals who admit to pain,hurt and dreams. Kamala Harris will certainly add stamina and a sense of confidence to the ticket. 

It is a positive change that the country can once again see itself in the pairing of two personalities who appear as if they could play a part in a Frank Capra movie. Maybe we will still have fun again, and rekindle with a sense of joy, which was once upon a time America's realm.

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