Friday, August 21, 2020


The Democratic "convention" was smooth, diverse and well staged. The contrast with the near- and far-abroad could not have been starker. 

Trump had another day in hell. A judge ruled yet again that he has to open his tax returns. His Rasputin, Steve Bannon, was arrested on charges of fraud...another associate of the Don-in-chief joined the list of the corrupt and the damned. Soon Trump should consider building a Trump Jail for his future cellmates!

Jerry Falwell, president of the Liberty University, and pope of the Evangelicals is also under suspicion of embezzlement. Like Bannon, he seems to have had a love relationship with yachts and their owners...might have something to do with the Sea of Galilee. 

Gun violence has spiked in America. To celebrate, the gun freaks will have their special slot during the Republican convention (imagine?!)

In the far-abroad, but still in Trump's circle, Aleksei Navalny is in intensive care after having been taken ill with symptoms of what might have been poisoning. In Putin's realm this is a mere Page Six event, business as usual. I am sure that Trump is envious of Putin's exit strategy.

To return to the next president and vice-president. They were both impressive. They lift America out of the structural depression Trump brought into life. Most speakers were also disciplined and to the point, a rare change for the notoriously verbose Democrats. President Obama prosecuted Trump's four years of hell as if he were in Nuremberg.  

Lady Litton said of Churchill that "the first time you meet him you see all his faults, and the rest of your life you spend discovering his virtues". The same applies to Joe Biden. He is not a perfect man but he is a man of virtue, both in admitting personal pain and mistakes and in a passionate belief that men and women can cross aisles, paths and each others' destinies. Yes, America is in retreat, because of the egomaniac laziness of an usurper. Before he was elected, some liberals thought that Trump could be a wake-up dumb could some well-meaning enlightened individuals be? The same Faustian bargain brought us Hitler in the past!

The coming months will be brutal. In case he loses, do not expect to find the movers in front of the presidential mansion. Get ready for the lawyers and the troops. Trump has an impediment that is worth scrutinizing. He is absolutely unable to face fact, truth, atonement. He grew up in mortar and sleaze and he will go down as a nouveau riche avatar with nothing to show but his tax returns (which will only illustrate again the full range of a deranged mind.)

After all this the Biden/Harris team looks more and more as a dream ticket. Handle with care!

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