Thursday, October 20, 2022


Liz Truss was from the start a bad lead as P.M. She fell victim to all that can go wrong with a politician, first and foremost her style and temperament, unfit for such a responsibility. She dared to claim the mantle of Margaret Thatcher, in vain.

Her betrayal of her chosen Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, coming after her U-turn over the budget, was shameless. The choice of Jeremy Hunt as successor did bring a short relief. Slick, smart Rishi Sunak, her unlucky rival, must have a good time enjoying his moment of Schadenfreude.

Even King Charles appeared to have a hard time believing that she was the anointed P.M. he might have to deal with for an unforeseeable time. 

The Macbeth's witches foresaw the unhappy end.

Before returning to Agatha Chrisite's And then there were none, one might even end up witnessing Boris Johnson's comeback. Desperate times make for desperate choices. Johnson has a return ticket handy, just in case.

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