Thursday, October 6, 2022


44 European countries meet this October 6 in Prague about energy and Ukraine.  This 'European political community' is a French idea.  The UK, Turkey and the sparing Balkan countries among others are also attending.

President Macron has often excellent suggestions. This is not one of them. It can only lead to 'pique' in the EU and a plethora of verbal overdose. These most difficult times require concentration, focus and self-control. The upcoming winter will test endurance and will. Everything that might water-down the existing fragile consensus among few has to be avoided. If one wisely guards the doors of the EU and NATO, one should not let some other 'community' become a wild card. Initiatives like these only benefit 'real estate'.

This mad tea party will only placate the egos of the frustrated. Be sure that Putin has a cookie jar in reserve. Beware of Gallic gambles.

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