Friday, January 6, 2023


Putin suggested a cease-fire for orthodox Christmas, thereby ignoring that most Ukrainians have switched already to the Western calendar. The trap obeyed the usual Russian script:  unsophisticated, high on octane, low on morals.

The famous historic Christmas pause between French and German troupes during World War I will not be repeated.

Russia is losing by not winning. The Red Square parades and generals cannot hide the fact that the nefarious force on view is strong on bombast but weak on accuracy. The Russian myth as represented by Putin is not unlike the Titanic, more bulk than readiness. Meanwhile, the bleeding and starving of Ukraine continues. The West, mostly the US, is actively upgrading its military help. The summit with the EU next month should better be impressive by a quantitative/qualitative Marshall Plan than by the photo-ops it will provide. 

It is unfortunate that the EU finds itself in a bind. Ukraine is both the patient in need and the unwilling cause of Europe's current economic downfall, which is mostly caused by Russia's energy blackmail, food manipulation and Germany's former gullibility.

This war sent globalization to the scaffold.  It sent the rationale for original alignments packing and only multiplies opportunistic, cynical coming togethers of countries that might well be on each other's throats tomorrow. Some fear a Russia/China axis for the ages. They had better study history and realize that such a formula benefits neither the drowned nor the rescuer. China has its hands full with covid and an ailing economy. Russia has arsenals and no GDP.

The West should stop apologizing and reclaim the high ground where it belongs. Masochism is wrong and with all its imperfections, the West has more staying- power than the hybrids East and the cheated South. Finally, it is about time to call the spades for what they are in Iran, North Korea, the bluff Emirates and the religious deranged. Therefore Ukraine has become our soul and we better live up to its cry for support.

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