Thursday, January 19, 2023


The situation in Ukraine cries for help. The helicopter crash yesterday only ads to the drama. Besides, it deprives President Zelensky of a trusted, experienced ally.

The Russians continue on their war crime path. The missile strike in Dnipro only confirms Putin's indifference to pain inflicted at random on a population that is guilty of nothing else but the legitimate claim for peace and to be left alone. History was never mild for Ukraine and the Crimean peninsula. Russia was then, as it is now, a relentless unreliable power. These were the times of  the lady with the lamp, Florence Nightingale, who started reforming the care for the wounded in the mid-19th century...nowadays there is neither a lady nor a lamp left, and Ukrainians survive in unspeakable conditions. 

How long does an innocent country have to be subjected to "war crimes" en direct before the proper weaponry is sent and the more ambiguous restraints, range and caliber are lifted? The Russians and their Wagner allies know no mercy or respect, why should the West measure its commitment?

Examples abound everywhere which give ample proof that half- baked containment on the back of the victims only increases the  violence of  the perpetrator.  Besides, the bad actors around might take note of the West's timidity and consider it as a pass for unleashing their even worse intentions.

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