Tuesday, April 25, 2023


Many informed observers act surprised by the magnitude of Putin's derangement. They should have seen it coming after his handling of Chechnya or (by proxy) Byelorussia. European leaders acted surprised, Americans presidents were clueless.

Now, the disturber-in-chief continues on a private warpath under the sarcastic gaze of China and with the Schadenfreude of the many who relish the "embarrassment of the riches." 

No wonder the BRICS ( Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) enjoy their moment. Dilma Rousseff, better known for corruption while Brazilian president, heads the gang of five at this given time. President Lula could not have found a better opportunity to shine and annoy.

The bricks that hold together some world order are loose and the whole construction is falling apart. For once, peace and deal makers pop up in the most unexpected corners with the most untested lineage. The latest utterances of the Chinese  ambassador in Paris say it all. Rules of correct international behavior became questionable.

The West sometimes looks ignored and is under assault by former frustrations and old rancor.  Putin is like a wizard who distracts from his own misery and miserable war by creating Potemkin-like distraction with the support of the travelers in economy.  America is imperfect but booming, the EU is kind of boring but functioning. The Russia/China axis was formidable when the bedrock was a shared Utopia. Now it is just a marriage of convenience, that the partners only endure out of self-interest .

One can expect a proliferation of sub-regional or internal conflicts which will appeal to the savoir-faire of unprepared interlopers. Unfortunately, the proven controlled assessment of traditional players is being tested. France and Germany are not immune to some form of straying. America has to face the rule of the pendulum in the coming presidential elections.

It is kind of sad to be obliged to state ill-fated evidence while not being able to come up with a solid alternative. There is not even room for a bon môt. Talleyrand would disapprove.

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