Monday, April 3, 2023


Former President Trump will be arraigned tomorrow in New York. Unlike Lazarus he is not raised from death. He never left since he is devoid of any sense of dignity. Quitting is not in his DNA. His flock of Neanderthals and cynical lackeys stands by him. The international chorus of usual suspects (mostly Saudies, Emirats, Netanjahu's Israel, Hungary) and acclamatory manipulators are preparing for his eventual return. The EU and NATO cannot fathom a comeback of their declared nemesis.

If President Obama was composure after the uneven George W. Bush years, Trump brought chaos. Ever the liar and the amateur, he colluded with the unsavory camp and collided with the democratic fabric in America. He never cared to do his homework and ended up being ridiculous or nefarious. The MAGA crowd didn't care as long as it could be part his antics and fabrications.

His current indictment might actually play out in his favor since Republicans seem to have no other posture than to rally around the martyr and the B.S. of God and guns. 

That he can get out of his current predicament remains to be seen. Already his followers have their hitlist of enemies, with the support of the Fox News-Third Reich methods. It remains to be seen if the GOP will yet again fall for the golden calf. It is hard to discover a Moses in their ranks.

Trump has aged, but unlike the current president, he has not been touched by some form of generosity or grace under pressure. In a world heading for total disorder, the added stress coming from the doings of such a despicable player is bad news. 

The next American president will have to deal with China first of all. He had better be familiar with the Book of Changes. He will also have to handle the unpleasantness of Russia under Putin & Co. Besides, there are collateral issues involved that require a creative, steady approach. Obnoxious amateurs have to be avoided at all costs.

In Mar-a-Lago Trump could indulge in playing the wounded party, unseen and almost forgotten, sheltered by the predictable faithful. Back in the limelight, the clown will not find in him a remnant of dignity, which was in too short supply in the first place.

He might consider himself being Lazarus, but he should never be raised from the low point he created for himself.

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