Tuesday, April 18, 2023


It is hard to follow the trajectory of our "world leaders" who appear sometimes in all continents at the same time. The former rather sedate, prepared,  dignified gatherings of a few are being dislodged by the sleep-over parties of too many.

The more Cartesian world of the Kennedy years is no longer. The cause might be the death of any form of hierarchy or creed. Systems lost their mitigating reserve a long time ago. The good versus evil mantra in WWII is gone. The more intellectualized footnotes that benefited Mao i.a. are out of date. 

What happened is the death of ideology. Since America lost its soul in Vietnam it continues to stumble in other places. China benefited from a perverse honeymoon from mostly Western intellectuals who were duped. Europe mesmerized, but ended up just becoming a broker for its dissonant members rather than an arbiter for the good worldwide. The former 77 fell apart in competing self-loathing groupings of mostly failed ambitions.

The many conflicts today no longer follow the expected trajectory, often ending void of munitions, ambition and attention. Semi-solid groupings (BRICS) can no longer hide the competing of perverse dysfunctions within. The former endured intermediaries or peace makers are on sick leave. Given the hybrid nature of today's conflicts and killings without any excuse, the traditional forms of diplomacy or conflict management become obsolete.

Maybe it is time to look for problem solvers who can ignore passed failed normative parameters. Holbrooke or Kissinger were successful because they chose to ignore observances of precedent. Ukraine is an example of duration by void. It has  become almost impossible to talk to Putin if you are not French. Nevertheless, a negotiation of sorts will have to be considered. Turkey, India, Brazil would be too happy to offer their "services". The Kremlin would be delighted to be their bed and breakfast host.  But a superman/woman will be hard to find since the pool of talent  is almost empty and there is no Mandela around. 

The search for a way out is also the search for the ideal man/woman in. Better find the individual who can run rather than sit. Putin's and others' table is too tricky.

Carl Bildt ?

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