Saturday, July 8, 2017


In the G-20 meeting in Hamburg, the world leaders present acted as could have been expected. So did Trump, unfortunately. All his moves were directed at his 35 % hardcore base at home. Even in the most international of settings he is only preoccupied by looking at his rear-view mirror. Hence the agenda becomes irrelevant and only his own narrow preoccupations count. Far from home he was able to alienate American Intelligence and renew his attacks against Podesta, of all people.

He gave Putin a pass. At the same time he was played, tricked. He might have come to some form of "understanding" with President Xi. Otherwise, he chose to distance himself from the 19 "others" in all matters of trade and climate change. Never have the United States been so isolated in matters pertaining to a "shared" world order. If the American footprint was often criticized for being too large, the absence thereof creates a dangerous void which is an open invitation for others to come in. Trump chose again to be the "ugly American", adding to the feeling of distrust which has overtaken most of Europe.

His earlier stay in Warsaw was an indication of his support for another pariah state ruled by nationalism and xenophobia. His lament about Western civilization gave here and there the right the wrong place.

Its is becoming obvious that this Republican administration has been taken over by amateurs who have little love for the workings of diplomacy. It oversees a horizontal deconstruction inside and toward the world. Deregulation is a cause which does not differentiate between issues or international commitments. It is a strategy which is supposed to favor the "America First" call in all matters. Hence, the permanent warfare against the philosophical bedrock of the former agreed world order under mostly American stewardship. The Atlantic political and economic priorities are being overtaken by a short-sighted mindset wherein trade wars, protectionism and a blatant antipathy versus classical "ideas" rule.

Merkel's communique could only foresee the divide in a G-20 becoming a G-19. There are more sighs in there than high notes. Trump is on his way back home. Probably he will read the last Enquirer or watch Fox News on his way. Kissinger's "World Order" will not figure among its favorites. One might even argue that he gave the former world order the kiss of death. Another "mission accomplished" in the American crown.

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