Tuesday, July 4, 2017


One needs to make an effort, hour by hour, to get rid of Trump intruding and tweeting, even on Independence Day. With some effort and denial one can find a window and breath.

This July 4th creates an opportunity to revisit all that is exemplary in the American "story" and to skip for a moment the fake news and the vulgar noise which have trapped brains and souls since January 20th. It is time to rediscover what America still stands for, be it in the arts, science, literature, political science and humanity. 

The respite is brief, given the etat de siege, but it is imperative not to let those ugly, long days into night overtake the primal optimism of the alternative. It will take time, maybe four years (and more), to return to the vision of Kennedy, Johnson and Obama, but only believing can shorten the current time in hell.

The opposition to incipience will need more than the current Democratic outcry, which is semi-inept. The brutal Republican Goliath can only be outsmarted by a "new found" David. There is of yet no leader, man or woman, in sight who can turn the tide and call the Republican bluff. A new opposition had better look ahead and further than the confines of the Democratic machine, which has lost touch with a mood that needs to be rescued from rage and despair.  

Let us learn how to celebrate again !

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