Sunday, July 2, 2017


Trump cannot stop. Today he had his little Reichstag moment, going mano a mano against the press and streaming his home video for his believers. For their Fourth of July, the Americans have to swallow the vulgar, pathological and nefarious outbursts of this undisciplined persona entrusted with the nuclear codes. He might even be more tempted to launch a strike than the North Koreans.

The liar-in-chief is meeting Putin this week. Remember how Nixon prepared his meeting with Mao, while very familiar with world affairs? He talked to every sinologue under the sun, Andre Malraux included. This president instead prefers tweeting his rage and further weakening America's standing in the world, which feels and looks like a sinking ship. Of course there is a collusion between Trump and Russia. All his actions make Putin's job an easy one. 

The American accidental president is in full attack mode against the press, while the Russian interference gets a free pass. This scenario is getting vicious and dangerous. Trump is becoming the most vilified US president in Europe and the first arsonist in the US, protected by sycophants and by all that lives in the alt-right swamp.

It can be expected that the Europeans will start to doubt America's sanity for now and opt for a European type of isolationism. Since the UK, America's air carrier controlling Europe, is no longer a vital player, the Franco-German double alliance has a free hand in steering the EU. This might lead to a freeze in the relationship with the US as long as Trump keeps creating havoc urbi et orbi.  Compared to his American counter part, Putin starts to look like the more rational antagonist, with whom arrangements might be considered. The German chancellor might well be tempted to return to some form of Ostpolitik. The danger today is that the revulsion toward Trump might tempt the Europeans to venture into some form of Finlandisation, which might be difficult to reverse once Trump is gone.

It is sad that on this Fourth of July one has to witness how America's founding principles are being trashed by an unfrequentable parvenu. This permanent coup d'etat (the "alternative" mantra) is being waged against the creative, democratic values which made this country a magnet for talent. Today it risks becoming every body's nightmare, firstly for the majority of Americans who feel duped, lied to and manipulated by a crook. 

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