Wednesday, July 26, 2017


In commenting on current events in the United States, one tends to self-censor him or herself because the trends ,for all to observe, recall very unpleasant precedents in history.  Since the president never stays shy of lies and insults of an unreliable pattern, there is no longer need for critical restraint. The dismantling of constitutional rules, the vicious personal attacks, the "me versus the rest" mantra, come straight out of a fascist handbook of the 1930s.

On all occasions Trump continues his phony war against any person or issue which happen to cross his "progress".  He creates chaos inside the US and undermines America's standing in the world, alienating former allies, and cajoling strong men (preferring not to notice how condescendingly they treat him). For sure, his cabinet will not last under its current form while the vacant gaps in the administration are there to stay, until...? The new communication wizard Anthony Scaramucci (a mini Trump) fell out of a Godfather II movie, busy preordaining the executions to come. The new spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders is already losing her cool over her boss' decision to bare transgender persons from the military. This unexpected bombshell, which surprises everybody, sends the country back to the pre-Stonewall dark ages. Trump's base was again fed red meat.

This hard core base loves what they see and hear. The humiliation of East and West Coast "elites" is a gift for the "deplorables", who enjoy the daily slaughter preordained by the White House. The majority of Americans, who disagree with this induced moral coma, seem unable for now to agree on a strategy. The former political chess game has been dislodged in favor of some form of lucha libera. Bluff has overtaken ideas. 

Policy should not become hostage to tweets. It is, however, normal that Trump favors this infantile way of communication which spares the user from having to familiarize himself with history or etiquette.   Since so few words are available in a tweet, one can ascertain without proof, review without reason and impose without motive. This formula is becoming the cornerstone of the Trump era and is the preferred lingua franca of this most uncultured group of individuals. I wonder how Steven Miller and Steve Bannon, who claim the intellectual mantle of this administration, can communicate with this president. He read the "Polish" speech obediently, while is Warshaw.  Did he realize that in doing so in Poland he became the front man for a pessimistic judeo-christian crusade against all, the EU in the first place?

Trump's America no longer has a staying influence in affairs which pertain to inclusion, pluri-culturalism or immigration. The forays into foreign affairs lack both legitimacy and historicity. The (overly) nuanced approach of Obama was thrown under the bus and replaced by arbitrary and always reversible whims. There is neither doctrine, nor a well-thought policy construction (the pivot to Asia).  This might lead to a "lose/lose" situation wherein the United States ends up with no durable allies and only gets opportunistic partners in exchange. The "strong leaders" whom Trump seems to be enamored of are far too busy protecting their own interests to enter into a systemic relationship with these United States. The loathing for America in parts of the world where there is freedom of expression--mostly, but not exclusively Western Europe, Canada, Mexico, Australia--grows by the day.  In case Mexico were to vote for Manuel Lopez Obrador as president, the Trump administration (if it lasts) would have a hardcore leftist on its southern border, with unforeseeable consequences.

There is a lot of talk about the possible outcome of the Russian probe. It is hard to read the tea leaves since Robert Mueller, in charge of the inquest, is discreet. He already stands accused of waging a hit job against Trump, who might do the unthinkable if feeling cornered. The attorney general, his former first ally, works likewise under some form of permanent death warrant. 

The United States pay the consequences of a Faustian pact imposed by some and executed by a minority president. One can rightly condemn the guilty casualness of a man who plays with power as if it were a rattle, but one should also start thinking about ways to bring this dangerous farce to an end, with impeachment if needed. Looking at the sloppy ways of this shapeless administration, it is doubtful that there was a "determined" collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. This would have required a savoir faire which is totally absent among the known suspects, who look more like a gang of crooks and common criminals than conspirators. The Trump/Kushner syndicate is nothing more than a coterie of dealers in real estate and connections which better remain in hiding, nothing more. It is nevertheless undeniable that there were contacts back and forth and that Trump was too eager to smear the Clinton camp with anything that could be found, given or "constructed". There will be enough reasons to impeach, even if the Russian angle is more a liaison than a marriage.

Did anybody watch the health care vaudeville in the US Senate?  I wonder what to retain? The harsh words of Senator McCain or the cynicism of majority leader McConnell (a mean Kermit) who obliged a convalescing McCain to help save a pre-repeal of the Affordable Care Act. This maneuver was doomed to end in free   Le president est nu.

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