Thursday, July 7, 2022


Finally Boris Johnson was pushed out ...maybe? Even his most trusted coterie gave up on a man who might have broken Trump's record of accumulated lies. Fortunately the Conservatives in the UK are different from the Republicans in the US. They show some mettle, albeit late in time.

Johnson built a career on misdemeanours and ridicule. The image of him dangling from an "impertinent" balloon in London's sky was prophetic for his Swiftian proclivities. He chose to be the frontman for Brexit, hence prefering to be Britain's undertaker rather than its saver.

The speed of the UK's overall retreat leaves one wondering how to stop the slide . Obviously, European countries, and also the United States, don't feel that well lately, but they remain somewhat more clairvoyant both in problem-solving and in the realization of the adjustments they have to make. The British PM tried any trick, move, counter-fight, to hide the reality. He was even so cynical as to play the part of Ukraine's ultimate defender, with little to show for other than bombast.

Brexit reduced his role to such an extent that he felt obliged to resort to the most surreal moves to fill the void. The questioning of the Irish negociated arrangement with the EU or his "Rwanda timely vacation for illegal  immigrants in the UK" were lately some of his more vivid transgressions. The UK might have a hard time to convince Scotland that remaining in this sinking ship represents a better outcome than independence. The Commonwealth might have less consideration for King Charles than it had for the current sovereign. The monarchy, and the theatrics that go with it, start to look out of touch. 

Boris Johnson wanted his cake but he also ate it. Hence his fatal ailment of delusion. However, even as caretaker he remains unpredictable. His departure is potentially "boobytrapped". Do not expect a correct curtain call from this clown.

Once the Conservatives agree upon a successor, he can still book a room in Mar-a-Lago, where the two unreliables can reminisce and plot. Certain species try to delay their demise but in the end, Darwin prevails. Curtain?


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