Thursday, July 21, 2022

President Biden's Hajj

The American president finally made it. He visited Israel, purging the word "occupation" from his discourse. He made a brief stop in Ramallah and headed for Saudi Arabia where an aloof Muhammed bin Salman contended with Biden's bump. An enlarged meeting with India and the Emirates was supposed to be the cherry on the pie.

Putin made a similar trip to Iran where also Erdogan, NATO member, appeared with is usual tricks, keeping Putin waiting...

Biden is an unlucky president. While he is often right, he appears to be unable to be convincing, both at home and abroad. He totally lacks verbal firepower. Sometimes he makes uneven choices, bringing up Khashoggi but omitting Shireen Abu Aklek. Effusive with the Israelis he appeared tired elsewhere.

Putin has no time for niceties and is content to be the salesman who returns home content, as long as he found a client for his ware. Today's clients are tomorrow's fools anyway.

It is doubtful that Biden achieved anything. Israel, being what it is, remains a reliable partner and formidable democracy. The Palestinians have to be content with a nod and the snubs of their rich neighbors. The Saudis can bitterly compare their standing with US presidents since FDR/Trump heydays to Biden's resignation. They were not impressed and will not be inclined to hurry up their oil output for too little in return.

Biden is facing Armageddon at home and a looming strategic rift abroad. There is something nefarious raising its ugly head everywhere. This rise of frankly very disturbing trends looks unstoppable. Democracies have to face the enemy within, who act as a fifth column for the evil abroad. Let there be no mistake, globalization is being replaced by occupation. The slow erosion of the American democratic model is being copied everywhere. In Europe, Brexit disease continues to spread. The Hungarian model is no longer an aberration, it is becoming trendy, fashionable. The Polish abortion or gay unfriendly maps have followers everywhere.

Actually Biden might look and act as a man of his age does, but he doesn't fare better than President Macron or the former Italian P.M. Mario Draghi, the smartest Western leaders, equally sabotaged by the homegrown enemy. When they reach out abroad, they ignore that they might deal with the masterminds of their own troubles at home.  Don't go for the arsonist when your house is on fire.

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