Saturday, February 3, 2024


The current state of the American run-up to the presidential election can be bewildering. Two older men fight over ...what? The door key? Rest assured that Trump made duplicates of all keys before he left the White House.

We are left with one candidate who is "too much" and another who looks "too old". Nevertheless, watching age, with its humiliations, is still more sustainable than having to endure the lies and vagaries from an unhinged creature cavorting in a lagoon out of some horror flick.

Both candidates are becoming more boring by the day but Trump is adding disbelief to his many faults. One looks on as the world gets more complex. Fortunately we are still safer in Biden's hands. Let's imagine how all these difficult situations would fare in the hands of the Joker.  How frightening to project for just a moment the Republican deranged Trumpers at the helm? North Korea would look almost serene compared to America's madhouse.

Biden will never be the thrill of the day but he knows how to channel the wiser policies and to project measure in the chaos.  Under a Trump administration the fools would rule, yet again. It feels as if many are becoming more aware of the approaching menace. The numbers--employment, inflation, interest rates--start to have an effect.

Many still consider that a Trump come back is unavoidable. Actually he is becoming his own worst enemy. Having neither self-control or diplomatic skills, he is over-intrusive and might very well torpedo his own campaign. He fits in with the junk-food he craves and with the flock of miserable fans he still fools.

President Biden must stay the course and age graciously.  He will have to ignore the barrage of mud that is being readied in the GOP kitchens, not a pleasant prospect, but in "this" America, better be warned.

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