Saturday, February 10, 2024


President Biden is getting older and it shows.

There is a barrage of comments around his smallest misstep or verbal stumble. He was never the most convincing of communicators and under so much scrutiny, his normal verbal confusion becomes the talk of the day. Count on the Republicans to follow every step of the President under a malevolent magnifier. Everything that helps to distract from Trump's pile of sins is welcome.

Churchill, Mao and others got a pass. Their age was barely mentioned while none looked or acted that great. Biden is obviously self-conscious regarding his body language which occasionally traps him. The journalists only wait for the photo- op of the fall, the wrong step. They are vigilant regarding Trump's mafia as well, but the fodder they find is just repetitive and plain vulgar. The comments regarding Biden's health or psyche hurt because they go after the dignity of sorrow and aging.

The critics play with fire. Let them imagine for an instant another president under the same circumstances prevailing  worldwide. They should be ashamed for undermining a statesman whose only demerit is his age. Given the alternative another FDR is the better option, even if he comes in a wheelchair.

Shakespeare ends King Lear with a riddle: "We that are young shall never see so much nor live so long".  After all, age is a difficult compilation, not a prohibition.

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