Wednesday, October 25, 2023


The West is confronted with two existential wars. It sides with both Israel and Ukraine, considered aggrieved friendly countries. Some see common denominators in both situations. Actually there might be some, indeed, but parallels don't meet.

Ukraine is the prime example of what occurs when every recognized international norm is being overruled. Gaza (and there is more to come) results from controversial choices made by Israel and from a nihilistic aberrant mindset of many Palestinians. Ukraine follows historic precedent. Gaza sinks partially in its self-created disregard for auto-correction.

Hence it is morally and intellectually easier to comprehend what is at stake in Europe, than to find a way out in the Middle East despite CNN's little paid-for propaganda clips wherein sophisticated women play golf in Saudi Disneyworld.

The two situations have to be seen separately. Even the outrage does not follow the same path. It is becoming difficult to tolerate the seemingly often relentless bombing of Gaza. The caution of the West regarding Ukraine feels uncomfortable but when cooler reason sets in, it becomes the right approach, as painful as it might appear.

Both situations will have to face the emergency room before any diplomatic therapy can be applied.

It would be premature to start talking about a two-state formula under the present conditions in Israel and in the region. The West will support Israel as long as it is needed and also warranted. It is clear that all parties need to clean house and consider a change in personnel. The Arab countries cannot continue to follow Qatar's playbook.

Kiev comes first in Europe's and US priorities. This will not be that easy to maintain, given the god and Trump hordes that are overtaking the Republican party. In Europe the sway of "Ukraine fatigue" is ominous. 

The observer cannot help feeling perplexed watching the same leaders embracing with identical gusto President Zelensky and P.M. Netanjahu. One is nowadays used to the "love is blind" motto, but a little discerning touch might come handy.

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