Thursday, October 5, 2023


The latest Republican horror in the House of Representatives  confirms the descent into hell of a party which claimed in the past the part of co-guarantor for freedom and restraint. The ousted Speaker Kevin McCarthy had few friends. His objectional performance to get the job he coveted was the last straw in a series of political salto mortales never seen before. That he found in his own party his match in the person of Matt Gaetz, the bad boy of the right and of Florida's panhandler forgotten voters,  shows how deep the GOP has fallen. 

The Republicans do no longer obey by political necessity or choice. They all vie for a job in the fantasy world of another Trump administration. Hence they play jester in the hope that their performance will be duly noted by the champion chaos. They might err in their belief that the electorate will remain forever impervious to the stream of lies and insults that come out of Trump's hothouse.

There comes a point where even the hardened stomach cannot take it anymore. President Biden chooses wisely to leave the fools to their own devises. Nevertheless America (not unlike Europe) finds itself on the dangerous "fatigue slope". People start to show a dispirited mindset that can very well lead to overall indifference, veering toward nonchalance. Putin already plays the fatigue game with Ukraine. The West is becoming tone-deaf while the fury is at its doorstep. Western economies do not perform that poorly but the immigration fiasco and the rise of various hybrid regroupings everywhere are crating a toxic  muddle.

If many Republicans now follow the Steve Bannon playbook, one must hope that in some corners a remnant of reason could still make a comeback and that they might return to their former better inclinations. Only then some form of normality could return over there, but also in Europe where dark clouds start to accumulate.

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