Tuesday, October 24, 2023


Sometimes it feels as if problems might disactivate each other rather than accumulate. Currently, the noise coming out of Gaza covers the cries for help next door. Europeans should not forget the aggression that is going on in their own midst. 

To a certain point Israel was already involved in a civil war before evil struck. Ukraine is the undisputed victim of a foreign ungodly aggressor. The continent cannot stand aloof when the political and moral fabric that holds it together is questioned.

Europeans stand with Israel but they keep their own counsel regarding cause and effect. They support Ukraine for many reasons, innocence being one of them. The country was never perfect, far from it. Neither did it lay claims on what was not its.

Today problems are abundant and it feels as if we have entered the age of blasé voyeurism wherein it becomes difficult to pick the "cause of the day". In this sickening hit-parade, Gaza beats Ukraine, which was yesterday's favorite, winning over from Sudan and one can go on with a peloton of losers, the hungry and long forgotten earthquake victims.

Human nature is not an all absorbing thing. It is limited and is slowly being overtaken by A.I., trolls and fake news. Chosen leaders appear more and more dubious while the pious pretenders sell their brains to some god in hell. Choice is becoming a painful heartbreaking test of will and character. There is no fire ladder or escape route from the hard truth.

The West must prioritize Ukraine. No other situation can be allowed to come in between Ukraine and the West. No other situation allows for a choice devoid of ambiguity, or for support without instructions in fine letters. 

We all witness the grief and the bonds that unite families against their foes. We had better keep our eyes on the moral compass at  home first, before entering into territories that remain largely unfamiliar and are better served by respect than by uninformed emotions.

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