Monday, July 4, 2016


Elie Wiesel was a perfect pebble washed up on a metaphorical beach, where all memories rest, polished to perfection by the tides of history.  He was described as a Holocaust "survivor".  I think no one who came close is able to "survive" such a tragedy or to distance him or herself from it. One is too existentially wounded, to be able to erase. The crash goes on.  I can only try to imagine the weight, the scars, the humiliation, the existential scandal which take shelter in a little pebble deposited on such a massive tombstone.  All those stones are the undisclosed planets of grief.  Names which should be tattooed on our memories start to fade:  Zeit macht frei. This cannot be allowed.  

Elie Wiesel was the guardian of "hurt".  He reminds us that there is no recovery from the Holocaust and that forgetting it is sin.

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