Thursday, July 28, 2016


It was an easy prophecy.  Trump cannot stand to be overshadowed and he will come up with anything to make noise and to force attention. Limbaugh and Fox News follow suit.  We also got a James Bond scenario (From Russia With Love) from The Donald and a slave story tale from Bill O'Reilly ("the slaves who built the White House were well-fed and lodged"). The panic makes the GOP dangerously "creative".  Since the Republicans (who are not in hiding) have a hard time denying that their chosen king is naked and ignorant of and in foreign affairs, they fill this gap with "fairy tales".  Trump (he is not an Ian Fleming) was on his usual, ignorant best, asking Russia to "deliver' Secretary Clinton's deleted e-mails. This invitation to a foreign country to meddle and hack is unprecedented.   On the other hand, Trump's campaign manager Paul Manafort is on a first-name basis with Ukraine's former President Viktor Yanukovych.  The dots are easy to connect! 

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, the show goes on...
The Democrats had a visionary day .
Trump was dissed by all :

By Bloomberg:  despise
By Biden:  ridicule
By Kaine:  parody
By Obama:  vision

The President was extraordinary, burying Trump under "facts" and passing with conviction the torch to Secretary Clinton. Not only did he seize the moment, he was it!

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