Tuesday, July 19, 2016


The Republican convention is already, from day one, stained by hatred, lies and racism.  This was expected, but not to such a degree.  After a non-stop of hysteria, one was looking forward to Mrs. Trump's performance.  She has always been an ornament and nobody expected controversies.  Indeed, she chose not to be controversial.  Unfortunately, her retinue served her a stolen text which she diligently spoke out with a Smetana-like candour.  Slovenia cannot boost being Smetana's birthplace, but this beautiful country would have deserved him.  It appears that her "commencement" speech followed the lines of Mrs. Obama's address, eight years ago. Poor Mrs. Trump, who had complained earlier on of writer fatigue, was fooled by the Trump entourage and looks pathetic... but still beautiful.  Before opening history's book she has already written her epitaph: Rossini's La gazza ladra.

One way or another, working for Trump is generally like walking in a minefield.  Pence better watches his steps!

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