Friday, July 29, 2016


Last night in Philadelphia will be remembered.  A woman came an election away from the presidency of the United States.  Despite all the rumors, accusations and envy, the woman in white proved the prophets of doom wrong.  She was able to unite the Democrats.  She was personal, while at the same time keeping a distance.  She was concrete on many issues and was not shy of engaging those Democrats who feel marginalized or the Republicans who are homeless after Trump became their nightmarish landlord.  Her acceptance speech was emotional and one needed to have a heart of stone not to be moved by her life story.  Most of the Sanders camp joined her after she undertook to follow up on many of his proposals.

The Democrats became the party of light, the Republicans are stuck in the negative. The campaign will be brutal given Trump's temperament. His primitive, nativist message still continues to be supported by many.  Mrs. Clinton remains unpopular with voters who deem her too distant and secretive. The battle is not won, but her chances have improved. The comparison between both camps is cruel: the Trump supporters are a mob, the Clinton camp is a journey.  There remain gaps where Mrs. Clinton needs to clarify her position, mostly on trade and the "war" against Islamic terrorism. She should consider leaving the shore of restraint and confront the storm head on, with all means and men on deck. 

President Obama starts to look like yesterday even before leaving the office. His style and elegance set him apart already.  He has always resisted the bullhorn policies, but now this gloved hand finds less room in a world "full of sound and fury". If elected, Mrs. Clinton will have to confront the unforgiving nemesis at home and the turbulence in the world, head on. She has already the support from a part of the Republican establishment, independents and from the Europeans. She will never convince those who favour garbage over enlightenment.  She had better ignore the insult and the Trump-Twitter slander and remind herself that "uneasy lies the head that wears a crown".

Mrs. Clinton has made history, even before history takes a front seat on a cold day in Washington next January.

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